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Preliminary announcement of the upcoming Jere Franklin - You Can Survive Camp that will be held either 30 September - 6 October or it might be condensed to  3 – 7 October). 


Jere Franklin is from Chettwynd, British Columbia, Canada and has been living in the wilderness for 40 years.  He travels extensively each year throughout North America presenting this programme and holds and annual family camp at his ranch.


Due to a few changes in Jere Franklin his schedule so we now running a bit behind on the logistics and instead of the programmes being held over the weekends at various churches - it has had to be changed to a Camp to be able to accommodate all as many people as possible who would like to attend, within that week.


The materials (that is poster, programme schedule and camp booking forms) will be available shortly.


It is a Country Living Camp, that includes preparedness for future events, practical skills such as food gardening, simple home remedies, and much more.


Many people want to know whether they should move to the country, Jere explains from Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible what is said on the matter in a very practical sense and the importance of heart readiness before even attempting such a move.  He covers the topic of evangelising the cities and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the culmination of the latter rain.  A truly heart-warming inspirational programme and camp.  There is something for all, young and old.


It would be great if we could get some feedback as to the interest and would be happy to field any questions from the pastors or members.  They can email to the following email that has been set up for feedback, that can be included in their bulletins:   



Kind regards and a blessed Sabbath!


Lisette Morgan

Lacombe, Alberta, Canada


Please contact Trudi de Wet by Friday, 13 August 2010: and give all your contact details if you would be interested in attending this informative camp so that we can gauge the interest in such a camp.


Thank you for passing this information on to your friends and to everyone in your congregation.

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