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You are invited to join us for an informal camp at Mopani Lodge during the weekend 25 to 27 February 2011.  Reserve your place by contacting Johan Jonck on daytime phone number 011 673 0702 or cellphone 083 613 6529.  Enquiries may be directed to Jan Helberg, daytime phone number 011 561 9357, after hours 011 680 7306, cellphone 083 420 5092 or


  1. 2.      (AWM) - ADVENTIST WOMEN’S MINISTRIES ADVISORY MEETING – for all AWM Leaders 2010 and 2011: To be held on Sabbath 29 January 2011 at Sedaven Training Centre, (Heidelberg) from 09:30 – 16:30. The focus of the day is to provide training, resources and programme planning for 2011. Book now – reservation form herewith. For catering purposes RSVP urgently to Lynn Rossouw: Fax 011-616-6800 or e-mail or send an SMS to 079-501-6817. (Refer to accompanying documents for further information.)


  1. 3.      REQUEST FOR SUBMISSION OF ARTICLES AND REPORTS FOR THE CONTACT AND MARANATHA MAGAZINES: Please send your articles, reports and inspirational stories, (preferably with pictures) by 11 February 2011 to  


  1. 4.      COOKING DEMONSTRATION 6 FEBRUARY 2011.  At guesthouse in Waterkloof.  All welcome.  Phone Colleen to book 082-653-3275. (Not an event hosted by the TC)


  1. 5.      HAPPINESS & WELLNESS CAMP 4 – 6 MARCH 2011.  Keep this weekend open.  (Not an event hosted by the TC)


  1. 6.      CALL FOR DAILY PRAYER:  A special call for fervent prayer is made to all 7th Day Adventists to pray at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. every day – specifically for revival and reformation and for the outpouring of the latter rain through the Holy Spirit. The first Sabbath of each quarter will also be set apart as a day of fasting and prayer for this purpose.


  1. 7.      TWO VACANCIES AT SID (Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division) OFFICES IN PRETORIA  as follows:
  • One Accountant required
  • Full time receptionist

Please send CVs to These CVs will be scrutinized and short listed. All applicants must be Seventh-Day Adventists in good standing.


  1. 8.      SHARING A LITTLE SECRET: The word is out that there will be a Bible Quiz at Camp Meeting in April. Only the book of Acts needs to be studied diligently. The Theme for Camp Meeting is “Give Me the Bible!”  Are YOU willing to take up the challenge!?  It could be well worth putting forth some effort!  (Share this secret with your congregation / region and be prepared!!)


  1. 9.      STANBOROUGH S.A. BOOKSHOP: The revamping of the bookshop is progressing well, it is open for business from 08:00 to 17:30 Monday to Thursday and from 08:00 to 15:00 on a Friday. Containers of books have been shipped and should be arriving towards the end of the month. Please phone 011-856-4488 to check if the item(s) you require are available before travelling to the bookshop unnecessarily.


  1. 10.    Church officers TRAINING in the various TC regions during the 1st quarter 2011:  (The dates in bold have been altered and are the corrected dates)
  • Northern Johannesburg region & Gauteng region:  Sunday 30 January 2011 at Brixton Church 09:00 – 17:00 (English).
  • North West region:  Sunday 6 February 2011 at Klerksdorp – 09:00 – 17:00 (Afrikaans) Sabbath afternoon: Grace link and Youth training
  • Mpumalanga region:  Sabbath 12  February 2011 at Nelspruit – English
  • Mpumalanga region:  Sunday 13 February 2011 at Ermelo – Afrikaans
  • Gauteng East, Johannesburg East & South, South West Gauteng, East Rand regions:  Friday 25 to Sunday 27 February 2011 at Sedaven – English and Afrikaans                     (NB: Booking forms herewith)
  • Limpopo region:  Sabbath 12 March 2011 at Pietersburg – Afrikaans
  • Limpopo region:  Sunday 13 March 2011 at Pietersburg – English
  • Pretoria region:  Sabbath 26 March 2011 at Pretoria – English
  • Pretoria region:  Sunday 27 March 2011 at Filadelfia or Magaliessig – Afrikaans


  1. 11.    JUNIOR / YOUTH WEEK OF PRAYER:  March 19 – 26.  (“Year of Identity”) Available from Heather: or phone 011-856-4491.  (Very large file 3 MB)


  1. 12.    ORGANIST / PIANIST needed for The Gardens Church. Please contact Lynn 082-624-4806, 011-947-2404 or e-mail


  1. 13.    ISRAEL TOUR 1 - 9 May 2011: Join Ps Francois du Plessis and Lauretta Maritz on a really exciting eight day tour of Israel.  Deposits are due before or on 31 January 2011. (Contact Ps Francois 082-892-0129 or Lauretta 082-441-6161 or email: To obtain a flyer and a booking form you could also contact:  (Files too large to send with the announcements).  (Not an event hosted by the TC)


  1. 14.    DATES TO DIARISE 2011 (The dates in bold have been altered)
  • 29 Jan 2011(Sabbath): Sedaven: AWM & YAWM Advisory 09:30 – 16:30
  • 30 Jan 2011 (Sunday) Brixton Church – Church Officers Training Eng. (Northern Jo’burg & Gauteng regions) 09:00 – 17:00
  • 5 Feb - Sabbath afternoon (5 Feb) Klerksdorp: Grace link and Youth training  (North West region
  • 6 Feb 2011 (Sunday) Klerksdorp – Church Officers Training Afr.  09:00 – 17:00 : North West region)
  • 6 Feb 2011 (Sunday) – Cooking Demonstration, Waterkloof.
  • 12 Feb 2011 (Sabbath): Nelspruit – Church Officers Training English (Mpumalanga region)
  • 13 Feb 2011 (Sunday): Ermelo – Church Officers Training Afrikaans (Mpumalanga region)
  • 25 - 27 Feb 2011 (Fri – Sun) at Sedaven – Church Officers Training Eng & Afrik. (Gauteng East, Johannesburg South & East, South West Gauteng, East Rand regions)
  • 28 Feb – 4 March (Mon – Fri): AWM Week of Prayer  (Local Church)
  • 5 Mar (Sab): AWM International Day of Prayer  (Local Church)
  • 6 Mar (Sun): AWM Prayer Breakfast
  • 12 Mar (Sab):  Pietersburg – Church Officers Training Afrikaans (Limpopo region)
  • 13 Mar (Sun):  Pietersburg – Church Officers Training English (Limpopo region)
  • 18 – 20 Mar (Fri – Sun): AWM Leadership Training Level 3 (Sedaven)
  • 19 – 26 Mar: Junior Week of Prayer
  • 26 Mar (Sab):  Pretoria – Church Officers Training English (Pretoria region)
  • 27 Mar (Sun):  Pretoria – Church Officers Training Afrikaans (Pretoria region)
  • 21 - 25 April (Thurs – Mon):  Transvaal Conference Camp Meeting
  • 1 – 9 May 2011:  Israel Tour  Contact:
  • 15 May (Sun): AWM Widows Banquet  (Hotel)
  • 11 Jun (Sab): AWM Emphasis Day  (Local Church)
  • 22 – 24 July (Fri – Sun): AWM Leadership Training Level 1 (Sedaven)
  • 7 Aug (Sun): AWM Mother-Daughter Banquet (Hotel)
  • 20 Aug (Sab): AWM Abuse Prevention Day (Local Church)
  • 21 Aug (Sun): AWM “Just a Little Love Gift” Outreach day (Local Church)
  • 7 – 9 Oct (Fri – Sun): YAWM/AY Singles Ministry Convention (Sedaven)
  • 18 – 20 Nov (Fri – Sun): AWM Retreat (Resort)




1.             INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE OF SATELLITE DISHES:  (Also see attached advert)

          Contact Persons: - Keith Brown, 082-840-3218,  Andre van der Schyff, 083-491-2129, Paul Hunter 082-417-7149, Marchant Botha in Gauteng area, 084-726-7209, Michael Smit in the Vaal Triangle and Gauteng area,  079-523-8300 and Ivor Cartmell on 083-460-6250 and Fred Shaw, contact number 083-394-5745.


2.       GUIDELINES FOR STARTING UP A COMMUNITY RADIO STATION:  Please read the attached notice and consider reaching out to your community!


3.         OLD SDA HYMNALS NEEDED:  There are a number of congregations, who are in need of English hymnals, Afrikaans Hymnals as well as hymnals which include both languages.  If your congregation is using projected music onto a screen and you are not using your hymnals, kindly consider helping needy churches by donating unused hymnals.  Contact Trudi at the Conference:  011-856-4463 or email


4.   BIBLES REQUIRED Should you have any Bibles to donate, or you would like to make a financial contribution, you may contact Br Derick and Sr Marie Barnes who are actively involved in Prison Ministries in Vereeniging. Many prisoners have already accepted the Lord through this ministry. You can contact them on Tel: (016) 363-1040.

          REQUEST:  Do you have second-hand toys and children’s books in a reasonably good condition, which is not being used anymore? Consider donating it to Meals on Wheels head office at Sedaven, as they support a number of Nursery Schools. Your donation could make a BIG difference! Contact Marthie Botha; Tel: 016-342-0308.  (If it is easier to drop off items at the Transvaal Conference Reception, we will ensure that your donation is passed on to Meals on Wheels Head Office.)


7.       HOPE CHANNEL PROMOTION: There are well over 2,500,000 Multichoice DSTV subscribers in South Africa and surrounding countries today.  Most of them will be able to receive Hope Channel on their equipment.   We have had many reports of DSTV viewers watching Hope Channel and an increasing number of viewers "on the verge of the Kingdom".

          We all know the power of TV - why not harness this power for the Gospel?   We have many testimonies of people walking into our churches asking to be baptised, after watching Hope Channel!

          These excellent leaflets invite DSTV viewers to tune into Hope Channel and give instructions on how to do it on the back.   The leaflets are pocket-sized and very easy to hand out. Members give them to friends & colleagues at the office.  Hand them out or leave them anywhere where people spend time - doctors' waiting rooms, store checkouts, bus stops and numerous other places.

          Contact if you need a supply of these handouts.

8.              FREE ADVENTIST DATING SITE (for singles): Visit:

9.              VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT MALUTI:  A most interesting time awaits you as a volunteer at Maluti!  Scores of volunteers help out at Maluti each year – the hospital benefits tremendously and the volunteer/s enjoys the time and learn a great deal.  Why not plan for a group from your church or youth group to come to Maluti for a combination of work and adventure? You could possibly also have time to see the “underground river”.  Plan to come for a fortnight or more.

          SKILLS NEEDED: Motor mechanic, Builder, Accountant, “IT” and / or promotional ability, Medical: doctors, nurses, nurse educators, radiographers, lab techs, physiotherapists etc. 

          Accommodation: There are 2 youth hostel type buildings, with a capacity of up to 40 people.

          Arrangements:  If you would like to know more or make a booking, please contact Dr Wilbert Hurlow by email:





You are invited to join us for an informal camp at Mopani Lodge during the weekend 25 to 27 February 2011.  Reserve your place by contacting Johan Jonck on daytime phone number 011 673 0702 or cellphone 083 613 6529.  Enquiries may be directed to Jan Helberg, daytime phone number 011 561 9357, after hours 011 680 7306, cellphone 083 420 5092 or


  1. 2.         ADVENTISTE VROUEBEDIENINGE ADVIESRAAD VERGADERING – Vir alle (“AWM”) leiers van 2010 en 2011:  Hierdie vergadering sal gehou word op Sabbat 29 Januarie 2011 by Sedaven Kampgronde Opleidingsentrum van 09:30 tot 16:30.  Opleiding, hulpbronne en programbeplanning vir 2011 sal die fokus van die dag wees.  Bespreek nou.  Besprekings vorm word hiermee saam gestuur.  Kontak asb. vir Lynn en bevestig bespreking sodat middagete gereël kan word. Faks 011-616-6800 of e-pos of stuur ‘n SMS na 079-501-6817.  


  1. 3.         VERSOEK VIR INDIENING VAN BERIGTE EN VERSLAE VIR DIE KONTAK EN MARANATHA TYDSKRIFTE: Stuur asseblief u berigte, verslae en inspirerende stories, (verkieslik met fotos) teen 11 Februarie 2011 na:   


  1. KOOK DEMONSTRASIE  6 FEBRUARIE 2011.  By gastehuis in Waterkloof.  Almal welkom.  Besprekings by Colleen 082-653-3275.  (Nie ‘n TK aangeleentheid nie)


  1. GELUK & GESONDHEIDSKAMP 4 – 6 MAART 2011.  Hou hierdie naweek oop.  (Nie ‘n TK aangeleentheid nie)


  1. 6.         BEROEP VIR DAAGLIKSE GEBED: ʼn Spesiale beroep word gedoen op alle 7de Dag Adventiste om daagliks om 7:00 v.m. en weer 7:00 n.m. nederig smeekgebede af te pleit vir hernuwing en reformasie en vir die uitstorting van die laat reëns.  Die eerste Sabbat van elke kwartaal sal ook as ʼn dag van vas- en-gebed dien vir hierdie doel.


  • Een vaardige Rekenmeester benodig en
  • Een Voltydse Ontvangsdame

Stuur u CV na  Alle aansoekers moet gevestigde SDA lidmate wees.


  1. 8.         ‘N GEHEIM WORD VERKLAP! Dit word nou gefluister dat daar ʼn Bybelvasvrae gaan plaasvind by Kampvergadering in April. Net die boek van Handelinge moet ywerig bestudeer word. Die 2011 Tema vir Kampvergadering is “Gee my die Bybel!”  Is U gewillig om die uitdaging te aanvaar!?  Dit kan waarlik die moeite werd wees om so ʼn bietjie inspanning uit te oefen en vlytig te werk te gaan om Handelinge te studeer. (Deel hierdie geheim met u gemeente en wees voorbereid!)


  1. 9.         STANBOROUGH S.A. BOEKWINKEL: Goeie vordering word gemaak met die opknapping van die boekwinkel.  Ten spyte van die werk wat gedoen word, is die boekwinkel oop vir besigheid van 08:00 tot 17:30 Maandag tot Donderdag en 8:00 tot 15:00 op ʼn Vrydag. Houers met boeke is reeds op die water en behoort teen die einde van die maand aan te kom. Skakel asseblief 011-856-4488 om seker te maak dat die item(s) wat u benodig beskikbaar is voordat u onnodig uitry na die boekwinkel toe.


  1. 10.       Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers tydens die 1ste kwartaal 2011 – (per streek): (Die datums wat in donker skrif is het verander)
  • Noordelike Johannesburg & Gauteng streek:  Sondag 30 Januarie 2011 by Brixton kerk - Engels
  • Noord - Wes streek:  Sondag 6 Februarie 2011 by Klerksdorp – Afrikaans   Sabbatmiddag: “Grace link” en Jeugopleiding
  • Mpumalanga streek:  Sabbat 12 Februarie 2011 by Nelspruit – Engels
  • Mpumalanga streek:  Sondag 13 Februarie 2011 by Ermelo – Afrikaans
  • Gauteng - Oos, Johannesburg- Oos & Suid, Suid - Wes Gauteng, Oos - Rand streke:  Vrydag 25 tot Sondag 27 Februarie 2011 by Sedaven – Engels en Afrikaans    (Let wel:  Besprekingsvorm word hiermee saamgestuur)
  • Limpopo streek:  Sabbat 12 Maart 2011 by Pietersburg – Afrikaans
  • Limpopo streek:  Sondag 13 Maart 2011 by Westernburg – Engels
  • Pretoria streek:  Sabbat 26 Maart 2011 by ? – Engels
  • Pretoria streek:  Sondag 27 Maart 2011 by Filadelfia of Magaliessig – Afrikaans


  1. 11.       JUNIOR / JEUG WEEK VAN GEBED:  Maart 19 – 26.  (“Jaar van Identiteit”) Beskikbaar by Heather: of skakel 011-856-4491.  (Baie groot lêer  3 MB)


  1. 12.       ISRAEL TOER 1- 9 MEI 2011: Lr. Francois du Plessis en Lauretta Maritz beplan ʼn opwindende toer na Israel wat vir agt dae sal duur. Depositos moet vóór of op 31 Januarie inbetaal word.  Kontak Lauretta 082-441-6161 of e-pos: om ʼn pamflet met volledige besonderhede te bekom asook ʼn besprekingsvorm. (Aanhangsel te groot om met die aankondiging uit te stuur.)  (Nie ‘n TK aangeleentheid nie)


  1. 13.       DATUMS OM TE ONTHOU: (Die datums wat in donker skrif is het verander en is nou korrek)
  • 29 Jan 2011 (Sabbat):  Sedaven - Adventiste Vrouebedieninge Adviesraad Vergadering
  • 30 Jan 2011 (Son.) Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers Noordelike Johannesburg streek:  (by Brixton kerk – ENGELS)
  • 5 Feb 2011 (Sabbatmiddag): “Grace link” en Jeugopleiding Son.
  • 6 Feb. 2011 (Sondag): Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers: Noord-Wes streek:  (by Klerksdorp – AFRIKAANS)   
  • 6 Feb. 2011 (Sondag): Kook demonstrasie, Waterkloof
  • 12  Feb. 2011 (Sab.): Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers Mpumalanga streek:  (Nelspruit – ENGELS)
  • 13 Feb. 2011 (Son): Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers Mpumalanga streek:  (Ermelo – AFRIKAANS)
  • 25 -  27 Feb. 2011 (Vry – Son): Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers: Gauteng-Oos en Suid, Johannesburg Oos en Suid, Suid-Wes Gauteng, Oos-Rand streke Opleiding Vrydag (Sedaven – ENGELS & AFRIKAANS)
  • 28 Feb – 4 Maart (Maandag – Vrydag): “AWM” Week van Gebed (Eie gemeente)
  • 5 Maart (Sabbat): “AWM” Internasionale Gebedsdag (Eie gemeente)
  • 6 Maart (Sondag): “AWM” Gebedsontbyt (Eie gemeente)
  • 12 Maart 2011 (Sab).: Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers Limpopo streek:   (Pietersburg – AFRIKAANS)
  • 13 Maart 2011 (Son): Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers Limpopo streek:  (Westernburg – ENGELS)
  • 18 - 20 Maart (Vrydag - Sondag): “AWM” Leierskapopleiding Vlak 3 (Sedaven)
  • 19 – 26 Maart: Junior / Jeug Week van Gebed
  • 26 Maart 2011 (Sabbat): Pretoria streek  Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers: – ENGELS)
  • 27 Maart 2011 (Sondag): Pretoria streek Opleiding van Kerkampsdraers:  (Filadelfia of Magaliessig – AFRIKAANS)
  • 21 – 25 April 2011 (Don – Maandag): Transvaal Konferensie Kampvergadering.
  • 1 – 9 Mei 2011:  Israel Toer  Kontak:
  • 15 Mei (Son): “AWM” Banket vir Weduwees  (Hotel)
  • 11 Jun (Sab): “AWM” Bevorderingsdag Dag  (Eie Gemeente)
  • 22 – 24 Julie (Vry – Son): “AWM” Leierskap Opleiding Vlak 1 (Sedaven)
  • 7 Aug (Son): “AWM” Moeder-en-Dogter Banket (Hotel)
  • 20 Aug (Sab): “AWM” Voorkoming van Mishandeling Dag (Eie Gemeente)
  • 21 Aug (Son): “AWM” “Net ‘n bietjie Liefde Geskenk” Uitreikings Dag (Eie gemeente)
  • 7 – 9 Okt (Vry – Son): “YAWM/AY” Konvensie vir Allenlopendes (Sedaven)
  • 18 – 20 Nov (Vry – Son): “AWM” Afsonderings naweek (Vakansieoord)




  1. 1.         INSTALLERING EN ONDERHOUD VAN SATELLIETSKOTTELS:  Kontakpersone:  Keith Brown, 082-840-3218,  Andre van der Schyff, 083-491-2129, Paul Hunter 082-417-7149,  Marchant Botha in Gautenggebied, 084-726-7209,    Michael Smit in die Vaal-driehoek en Gautenggebied  079-523-8300 en Ivor Cartmell op 083-460-6250. Fred Shaw, kontaknr 083-394-5745.


  1. 2.         RIGLYNE OM ‘N GEMEENSKAP RADIOSTASIE TE BEGIN:  Lees asseblief die bygaande riglyne en bepeins hoe u moontlik kan uitreik na u gemeenskap.


  1. 3.         OU SDA LIEDEREBOEKE:  Daar is ʼn aantal gemeentes wat SDA liedereboeke benodig.  Indien u gemeente nou u musiek op ʼn groot skerm projekteer en nie meer nut het vir u liedereboeke nie, sal u behoeftige gemeentes uithelp deur u sangbundels aan hulle te skenk.  Kontak Trudi 011-856-4463 of epos:


  1. 4.         ORTOPEDIESE TOERUSTING:  Dikwels word toerusting soos rolstoele, ‘moon boots’ (wat gebruik word ná ʼn voetoperasie), looprame, krukke, bedpanne, ens. benodig. U kan geholpe raak met óf nuwe óf tweedehandse toerusting by Rhona Jordaan, by 083-886-0130 of (w) (011) 660-6733. Sy is bereid om te help met die aflewering hiervan.


  1. 5.         BYBELS BENODIG: Sou iemand graag Bybels wil skenk, of ʼn geldelike donasie wil maak sodat Bybels aangekoop kan word, kan u met Br Derick en Sr. Marie Barnes wat aktief betrokke is by Gevangenisbediening in Vereeniging op Tel: (016) 363-1040 in verbinding tree. Heelwat gevangenes het al die Here a.g.v. hierdie bediening aangeneem.


  1. 6.         VERSOEK:  Iemand soek dringend vir  “Die Bybel Spreek” boek.  Indien u hierdie boek het en dit wil verkoop, kontak asseblief vir Pieter 082-574-1033.


  1. 7.         DVD BEDIENING:  Uitstekende reekse Afrikaans DVDs beskikbaar:  “God se Liefde Geopenbaar in Jesus”  &  “Die Eden Model Herskrywe” sowel as “God se Finale Basuin” en “’n Elia Boodskap aan God se Elia Volk”.  Vele meer Afrikaanse DVDs deur verskeie SDA predikante.  Navrae 082-957-6961, 044-272-0272 of epos


  1. 8.         DIE VOLLEDIGE AFRIKAANSE BYBEL (OU VERTALING) kan vanaf u selfoon beskikbaar wees as u dit aflaai van Lr Ian Grobler se webwerf:, - soek onder “downloads”  vir die Bybel vertaling. Die “Java Ou Afrikaanse Bybel” kan heeltemal gratis afgelaai word en u kan dan andere seën deur bybelversies aan te stuur per sms.
  2. 9.         VERSOEK: Het u tweedehandse BRUIKBARE speelgoed en kinderboeke waarin u kinders nie meer belangstel nie, of ontgroei het?  Dit kan aan Meals on Wheels se hoofkantoor op Sedaven geskenk word vir gebruik deur kleuterskole wat deur ons ondersteun word.  Kontak Marthie Botha [], Tel: 016-342-0308.  Goedere kan ook by die Transvaal Konferensie afgelaai word met die instruksie dat dit na die kleuterskole toe moet gaan.  Ons sal sorg dat die betrokke persone die items ontvang.
  3. 10.       GRATIS ADVENTISTE KENNISMAKING WEBWERF: (vir enkellopendes)
  4. 11.       DRINGEND:  Gesoek die Bybelverhaal op vilt om te koop, al is dit ook nie volledig. Kontak Ann 083-271-8827 of by die Transvaal Konferensie (011) 616-6800 .
  5. 12.       VRYWILLIGES BY MALUTI BENODIG:  ’n Baie interessante ondervinding wag op jou, as vrywilliger by Maluti!  Talle vrywilligers help by Maluti elke jaar.  Die hospitaal baat geweldig daarby en die vrywilliges geniet die tydjie terdeë en vind dit hoogs leersaam.  Waarom beplan julle gemeente nie om ook ʼn groep vrywilliges te stuur vir diens en avontuur nie?  Moontlik sal daar selfs ʼn geleentheid opduik om die “ondergrondse rivier” te sien. Beplan nou al om vir twee weke of meer te kom.

          VAARDIGHEDE BENODIG: Motorwerktuigkundige, Bouer, Rekeningkundige, Rekenaar-kundige en/of promosiekundige. 

          Medies: dokters, verpleegsters, Verpleeg-opvoedkundiges, radiografiste, laboratorium tegnikusse, fisioterapeute ens. 

          Verblyf: Twee jeugtuiste geboue wat tot 40 persone kan huisves.

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