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  1. 1.         SPECIAL DAY OF PRAYER: 30 OCTOBER 2010: Kindly note that the Transvaal Conference has set aside the 30th October 2010 as a special day of prayer, to seek the Lord’s guidance and presence at the TC Business Session on Sunday 31 October 2010.  May His will be done!


  1. 2.         LIMITED ACB BOOKSHOP ITEMS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE TC BUSINESS SESSION (31 October 2010):  Those who will be attending the Business session on the 31st October are invited to browse and buy books etc. in the main auditorium.  The ACB bookshop will have a limited supply of items available, so please come prepared with some money and support the bookshop.


  1. 3.         AN ADVENTIST WOMEN’S MINISTRIES RETREAT WEEKEND, is planned for Friday 12 – Sunday 14 November 2010, at Sediba Kwele Game Lodge, Beestekraal, Britz, which is 154km from Johannesburg. The Arrival Time on Friday is 15:00 and the Departure Time on Sunday is 15:00.  The invitation is extended to all AWM women and young women who would like to spend time with God in Nature. The Registration, Accommodation and Meals are R700.00 per person. This excludes transport. We are in the process of sourcing prices from three bus companies. This facility will be made available to women who would like to attend but who may have difficulty with transport. The theme for the weekend is: “The Joy of Jesus”.  Registration closes on Friday 5 November 2010. 

         Please complete the registration form which is available from your local church, Women’s Ministries Coordinator or contact Lynn at Work: 011- 616-6800; Cell Number: 079-501-6817; e-mail:   


  1. 4.         “WORLD EVENTS” VEHICLE-MAGNETS FEEDBACK. We would like to thank everyone who is involved in this evangelistic project from the bottom of our hearts.  The reactions were the following with the 1 939 magnets that are out:
    1. a.     July – December 2009:  516
    2. b.     January – July 2010:  2706
    3. c.     August & September 2010:  412, which gives us a total of 3634 contacts that are being followed up.  This means that every magnet successfully reached 1.8 persons!

Whether you are driving with a magnet on your vehicle, overseeing the reactions or delivering the DVDs, you are busy with good evangelistic work for Jesus Christ and we thank you.  Subsidized packages are still available.  From Ps. Gideon Reyneke  Personal Ministries Director, Transvaal Conference.


  1. 5.         A Spiritual Growth Opportunity with a difference NOT to be missed!  Jim & Sally Höhnberger from America will be delivering the following messages at Sedaven main auditorium over the weekend of 12-14 November 2010 (Friday evening to Sunday afternoon):
    1. a.     How to live with a difficult man
    2. b.     From religion to walking with God
    3. c.     Parenting by the Spirit
    4. d.     Slow down Christian, and more.

Come and stay over in your caravan, in the chalets or travel in and out for Sabbath and Sunday, JUST BE THERE!  For accommodation and more information, contact Adele van der Merwe at 0118564461.


  1. “ONE DAY CHURCH” BUILDING PROJECT : Swaziland.  We are planning to enter Swaziland the morning of 3 December and plan to be back in Gauteng the evening of 12 December 2010.  During our stay in Swaziland we will be accommodated at the Swaziland Conference. Bring along: your sleeping bag, a blow up mattress and clothes. This is an opportunity to reach out to our neighbouring country and enrich the Sabbath experience of our fellow believers,  Together with SOHO, a clinic for less privileged children and senior citizens will be available.  Old clothes in a reasonable condition, as well as English Bibles and other English Spiritural literature will be greatly appreciated.  Cost of trip R1 500 per person, which includes accommodation, food, fuel & insurance. Contact: Jaco Swart  082-332-9814 or e-mail: 
  2. 7.         ACCOMMODATION REQUIRED FOR BUSINESS SESSION - (TRANSVAAL CONFERENCE)?  Any delegate from a district that is far away from Sedaven can contact Lorraine: 011-856-4475 or should you require accommodation. 


  1. 8.         VACANCY:  Education Director of Cape Conference. Applications are to be forwarded by 25 November to:  The Executive Secretary, Cape Conference.  Contact: (041) 581-0100 or Fax 041-581-0103 or fax to e-mail: 086-562-4972.  Assumption of duty: January 2011.


  1. 9.         RESERVATIONS FOR CAMP MEETING 2011: Bookings open 15 October (Refer to the attached documents.) For queries, contact Anita van Deventer via e-mail: or fax booking forms to 086-559-0196  (Tel: 011-856-4466)


  1. 10.       “IT’S ABOUT WALKING WITH GOD”:  Jim & Sally Höhnberger at Sedaven 12 – 14 November 2010.  If it is your desire to “Walk with God”, book now and learn how to experience this practical, special relationship in your daily association with God and with those in your circle of influence.  (Registration and Payment Form and Program and other details attached). Send your completed registration form by fax 011-616-6006 or e-mail (for attention: Adele van der Merwe) Registration Closing Date: 29 October 2010.


  1. 11.       VACANCY:  SID MEDIA DIRECTOR – A dynamic, efficient and visionary person is needed to head up production for the Hope Channel at the SIDMEDIA studios.  Will be responsible to also drive all the Adventist Media initiatives and development in the SID region for Hope Channel, Adventist World Radio, Distribution on the Internet, Low Power TV and DVD ministries.  Applicant must be an SDA with a minimum of 20 years experience in management and the media industry. This executive position is highly administrative, however, an all-round practical knowledge of television production and an understanding of the different distribution platforms is essential.  For more information, please contact Andre Brink on Closing date for applications is 25 October 2010. To commence January 2011.


  1. 12.       A FELT BIBLE STORY SET is needed urgently, (even an incomplete set will do) : Contact Ann 083-271-8827 or phone her at the Transvaal Conference (011) 616-6800.


  1. 13.       VACANT POST:  PRINCIPAL, GOOD HOPE PRIMARY SCHOOL, Kuils River.  For further information contact Mrs Glass (041) 581-0100 or fax your cv to: (041) 581-0103.  Closing date for applications: 28 October 2010.   Assumption of duty: 1 January 2011.


  1. 14.       COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS:  EVEREST DETOX 28 Nov – 5 December. Spouse half price.  Contact Sanet 014-533-3564.


  1. 15.       CALL FOR ASSISTANCE:  SEND A LIST OF THE TITLES OF AFRIKAANS SPIRIT OF PROPHECY BOOKS YOU HAVE:  Ps Kallis, the SOP Director of The Transvaal Conference, is currently arranging the scanning and reprint of Afrikaans Spirit of Prophecy Books.  If you have ANY AFRIKAANS books by EG White, please send us a list of the titles you have,  together with your contact details, preferably by email to: or phone Heather (011) 856 4491 so that we can ensure that all AFRIKAANS EG White books which were previously available, will once again be available to our Afrikaans Community. 


  1. 16.       AMAZING DISCOVERIES 2010: The 50 Days of continuous prayer has started!! (On Sabbath only 17 days of prayer before the series commences) – join now in fervent payer. Someone has committed to pray every day at a set time for this campaign.  Time is running out!!  We need your fervent prayers too!  Why not commit now to pray earnestly for this event. John Carter, the world-renowned evangelist on 3ABN, will be conducting the “Amazing Discoveries 2010 evangelistic series from 9 Nov to 4 Dec 2010 at the Mosaiek Theatre, Danielle Street (off Davidson/14th Avenue), Fairland, Johannesburg.  Jesus’ Commission is our mission, so join in on the one of the most exciting, international events in the calendar of Transvaal Conference.  For more information on how to be part of this event, please contact Enslin at 082-561-7061 /


  1. 17.       PATHFINDER CAMPOREE at Sedaven Camp Grounds:  12 – 18 December 2010.  Kindly complete the attached Camporee Indemnity & Medical Release Forms and return to Heather a.s.a.p. (Fax: 011-856-4491 or email


  1. 18.       PATHFINDER CAMPOREE MUSEUM: Do you have any of the following  (outdated) items which the TC Pathfinder Department could borrow for our Pathfinder Camporee Museum, which we’re planning for the Camporee in December:
  • Old badges
  • Uniform items
  • Pathfinder resources


  1. 19.       VACANCY:  Grade 4 Teacher at Paterson Park School:  (Information & requirements are detailed in an attachment herewith).  Kindly send your CV to, Tel/Fax: 011-640-4126 or post to:  The Principal, Paterson Park School, 3 Tenth Street, Orange Grove, 2192, Johannesburg.


  1. 20.       DATES TO DIARISE 2010


  • 31 October:  Transvaal Conference Business Session at Sedaven.
  • 9 Nov – 4 Dec: Amazing Discoveries 2010 – with Ps John Carter at Mosaiek Theatre in Fairland, Johannesburg
  • 12 – 14 Nov: Jim & Sally Hörnberger at Sedaven “It’s about Walking with God
  • 19 – 21 Nov: Everest Detox – “How to Control Stress” 19 – 21 Nov. At Club “Kranskuil” in Koster
  • 28 Nov – 5 Dec.2010:  Everest Detox Centrum. Cooking Module.  Sanet: 014-533-3564
  • 12 – 18 December 2010:  Pathfinder Camporee




  1. 1.              INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE OF SATELLITE DISHES:  (Also see attached advert)

Contact Persons: - Keith Brown, 082-840-3218,  Andre van der Schyff, 083-491-2129, Paul Hunter 082-417-7149, Marchant Botha in Gauteng area, 084-726-7209, Michael Smit in the Vaal Triangle and Gauteng area,  079-523-8300 and Ivor Cartmell on 083-460-6250 and Fred Shaw, contact number 083-394-5745.


  1. 2.              GUIDELINES FOR STARTING UP A COMMUNITY RADIO STATION:  Please read the attached notice and consider reaching out to your community!


  1. DECODER set complete for 3ABN- Hope & Eden Life- @ R600 a set. Don't delay, reply to this number 08200703328917 or help to sponsor a set or  2 or 3 - get involved! Mark 16:15.  You can contact André @ 082-551-8720 or email


  1. 4.         Catch the all new South African produced youth talk show CONSIDER THIS on the Hope Channel every Monday night at 7:30pm from the 4th of October.  With relevant topics, hot debates, the show is totally unscripted - by youth for youth. How far is too far? What place do you have in mission? How do you find a life partner? How do you find God? We aim to help you answer life’s little big questions. This show is NOT for old people. But don’t keep it to yourself - all the resources are available to use the show as an evangelistic tool to reach your mates. Find us on Facebook or visit for more info.


  1. OLD SDA HYMNALS NEEDED:  There are a number of congregations, who are in need of English hymnals, Afrikaans Hymnals as well as hymnals which include both languages.  If your congregation is using projected music onto a screen and you are not using your hymnals, kindly consider helping needy churches by donating unused hymnals.  Contact Trudi at the Conference:  011-856-4463 or email


  1. 6.     BIBLES REQUIRED Should you have any Bibles to donate, or you would like to make a financial contribution, you may contact Br Derick and Sr Marie Barnes who are actively involved in Prison Ministries in Vereeniging. Many prisoners have already accepted the Lord through this ministry. You can contact them on Tel: (016) 363-1040.


  1. 7.         THE ENTIRE AFRIKAANS BIBLE (OLD TRANSLATION) available for quick access on your cellphone – can be downloaded from Ps Ian Grobler’s website:, look under downloads to find the Bible version. It is a free installation of the “Java Ou Afrikaanse Bybel”. Once loaded, bible verses can be sent via sms to everyone you wish to bless.


  1. 8.         REQUEST:  Do you have second-hand toys and children’s books in a reasonably good condition, which is not being used anymore? Consider donating it to Meals on Wheels head office at Sedaven, as they support a number of Nursery Schools. Your donation could make a BIG difference! Contact Marthie Botha; Tel: 016-342-0308.  (If it is easier to drop off items at the Transvaal Conference Reception, we will ensure that your donation is passed on to Meals on Wheels Head Office.)
  2. 9.         “NEWSTART ECO-GARDEN”:  Cultivate your own eco-garden and / or use this method to teach and reach communities in your district.  Arrange an appointment now and learn how you can benefit yourself and others through this project.  (Attachment too large to send.  If you require further information, kindly contact Dolph Swanepoel 084-500-4874 or email: or


  1. 10.       HOPE CHANNEL PROMOTION: There are over well over 2,500,000 Multichoice DSTV subscribers in South Africa and surrounding countries today.  Most of them will be able to receive Hope Channel on their equipment.   We have had many reports of DSTV viewers watching Hope Channel and an increasing number of viewers "on the verge of the Kingdom".

We all know the power of TV - why not harness this power for the Gospel?   We have many testimonies of people walking into our churches asking to be baptised, after watching Hope Channel!

These excellent leaflets invite DSTV viewers to tune into Hope Channel and give instructions on how to do it on the back.   The leaflets are pocket-sized and very easy to hand out  - see example below (unfolded).   Members give them to friends, colleagues at the office.  Hand them out or leave them anywhere where people spend time - doctors' waiting rooms,  store checkouts, bus stops and numerous other places.

Contact if you need a supply of these handouts.



  1. 11.          FREE ADVENTIST DATING SITE (for singles): Visit:
  2. 12.       VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT MALUTI:  A most interesting time awaits you as a volunteer at Maluti!  Scores of volunteers help out at Maluti each year – the hospital benefits tremendously and the volunteer/s enjoys the time and learn a great deal.  Why not plan for a group from your church or youth group to come to Maluti for a combination of work and adventure? You could possibly also have time to see the “underground river”.  Plan to come for a fortnight or more.

SKILLS NEEDED: Motor mechanic, Builder, Accountant, “IT” and / or promotional ability, Medical: doctors, nurses, nurse educators, radiographers, lab techs, physiotherapists etc. 

Accommodation: There are 2 youth hostel type buildings, with a capacity of up to 40 people.

Arrangements:  If you would like to know more or make a booking, please contact Dr Wilbert Hurlow by email:





  1. SPESIALE DAG VAN GEBED: 30 OKTOBER 2010: Neem asseblief kennis dat die Transvaal Konferensie die 30ste Oktober 2010 afgesonder het as ‘n dag van gebed.  Ons vra dat al die gemeentes in die Transvaal Konferensie op hierdie dag die Here se leiding en teenwoordigheid moet afpleit vir die Sakevergadering wat beplan word vir Sondag 31 Oktober 2010.  Mag Sy wil geskied!


  1. BEPERKTE ACB BOEKWINKEL ITEMS BESKIKBAAR BY SAKEVERGADERING (31 Oktober 2010):  Diegene wat die sakevergadering gaan bywoon op 31 Oktober word uitgenooi om boeke en ander items, in die gehoorsaal aan te koop.  Kom voorbereid om die boekwinkel te ondersteun.  (Ekstra fokus op Afrikaanse boeke ook.)


  1. 3.         ‘N ADVENTISTE VROUEBEDIENINGE AFSONDERINGSNAWEEK is beplan vir Vrydag 12 November tot Sondag 14 November 2010 by Sediba Kwele Wild Reservaat, Beestekraal, Britz, (sowat 154km vanaf Johannesburg). Die Aankomstyd op Vrydag  is 15:00 en die Vertrektyd op Sondag is 15:00.  Die uitnodiging word gerig aan alle “AWM” vroue en jong dames wat graag tyd wil spandeer met hul Skepper in Sy natuur,  Die registrasie, verblyf en maaltye beloop R700 per persoon. (Vervoer is nie by hierdie bedrag ingesluit nie, maar sodra die bedrag bekend is, sal u daarvan verwittig word).  Die tema vir die naweek is: “Die vreugde van Jesus”.  Registrasie sluit Vrydag 5 November 2010.

Voltooi asseblief die registrasievorm wat verkrygbaar is van u plaaslike gemeente of kontak Lynn by die kantoor 011- 616-6800; Selfoon 079-501-6817 of e-pos:   


  1. “WêRELDGEBEURE” VOERTUIG-MAGNETE TERUGVOER: Ons wil almal van harte bedank wat betrokke is by hierdie evangelisasieprojek.  Die reaksie was die volgende met 1 939 magnete wat uit is:
    1. Julie – Desember 2009:  516
    2. Januarie – Julie 2010:  2706
    3. Augustus & September 2010:  412, wat ‘n totaal van 3634 kontakte uitmaak wat opgevolg word.  Dit beteken dat elke magneet 1.8 persone suksesvol bereik het!

Of u nou met ‘n magneet op u motor rondry, die reaksies beheer of die DVD’s gaan aflewer, u is besig met goeie Evangelisasiewerk vir Jesus Christus, en ons bedank u.  Subsidiepakette nog beskikbaar by Lr. Gideon Reyneke, Persoonlike Bedieninge Direkteur, Transvaal Konferensie.


  1. ‘n Geestelike Groeigeleentheid met ‘n verskil om NIE mis te loop nie!!  Jim & Sally Höhnberger van Amerika kom lewer die volgende boodskappe te Sedaven, in die auditorium tydens die naweek van 12-14 November 2010 (Vrydagaand tot Sondagmiddag):
    1. How to live with a difficult man
    2. From religion to walking with God
    3. Parenting by the Spirit
    4. Slow down Christian, en nog meer.

Kom bly oor in u karavaan, in die chalets of ry in-en-uit vir Sabbat en Sondag, WEES NET DAAR! Vir verblyfreëlings en ander inligting kontak Adele van der Merwe by 0118564461.


  1. Die tyd kom nader en ons het u hande werklikwaar nodig: EEN-DAG-KERKBOUPROJEK: Swaziland.  Kom geniet die ervaring van ‘n “in”-reiking en “uit” reiking saam met mede broers en susters in Christus.  Ons reisbeplanning is DV: Gaan Swaziland binne die oggend van 3 Desember en sal terug wees in Gauteng die aand van 12 Desember 2010.  Ons sal tuis gaan in die verblyf van die Swaziland konferensie. Bring jou slaapsak, opblaas mattras en klere en reik uit na ons buurland en maak ook die sabbatservaring vir mede-gelowiges meer aangenaam. Daar gaan ook saam met SOHO, ‘n kliniek vir minderbevoorregte kinders en bejaardes aangebied word, so alle ou klere in ‘n redelike toestand asook Engelse Bybel materiaal sal waardeer word.  Koste beloop R1 500 per persoon wat verblyf, kos, brandstof en versekering insluit.  Kontak: Jaco Swart  082 332 9814 /


  1. VERBLYF BENODIG – SAKEVERGADERING TRANSVAAL KONFERENSIE??:  Indien u ‘n afgevaardigde is (veral iemand van ‘n afgeleë distrik), wat die TK Sakevergadering moet bywoon op Sondag 31 Oktober kan u gerus vir Lorraine kontak i.v.m. verblyf. Skakel 011-856-4475 of e-pos


  1. VAKATURE:  Direkteur van Onderwys vir die Kaap Konferensie.  Aansoeke moet gestuur word voor of op 25 November 2010 aan: Die Uitvoerende Sekretaris, Kaap Konferensie.  Kontak: (041) 581-0100 of Faks 041-581-0103 of fax na e-pos: 086-562-4972.  Aanvangsdatum vir die betrekking is Januarie 2011.


  1. KAMPVERGADERING BESPREKINGS VIR 2011: Besprekings het 15 Oktober geopen (Verwys na die bygaande vorms.) Indien u verdere navrae het, kontak Anita van Deventer per e-pos: of faks besprekingsvorms na 086-559-0196  (Tel: 011-856-4466)


  1. “IT’S ABOUT WALKING WITH GOD”:  Jim & Sally Höhnberger doen praktiese aanbiedings by Sedaven 12 – 14 November 2010.  (Registrasie en Betalingsvorm sowel as die program en verdere inligting word hiermee aangeheg.) Stuur asseblief u voltooide registrasievorm  per faks 011-616-6006 of e-pos (vir die aandag van Adele van der Merwe) Sluitingsdatum om Registrasies te ontvang teen 29 Oktober 2010.


  1. VAKATURE: SID MEDIA DIREKTEUR –  ‘n Dinamiese, vaardige en vêrsiende persoon word benodig om produksiebestuur te behartig vir Hope-kanaal by die SIDMedia ateljees.  Dié persoon sal daarvoor verantwoordelik wees om al die Adventiste Media-projekte en ontwikkeling in die SID streek van Hope-kanaal, “Adventist World Radio”, verspreiding op die internet, laekrag TV en DVD bedieninge te bestuur.  Dié applikant moet ‘n SDA wees met ‘n minimum van 20- jaar ondervinding in bestuurswese asook die media industrie.  Hierdie uitvoerende pos is hoogs administratief.  Die persoon moet egter ‘n geheelbeeld en praktiese kennis hê van TV-produksie. ‘n Begrip van die verskillende verspreidings-vlakke is ook noodsaaklik.  Tree asseblief in verbinding met André Brink op vir meer inligting. Sluitingsdatum vir aansoeke is 25 Oktober 2010. Aanvangsdatum vir die betrekking is Januarie 2011.


  1. BRAKPAN GEMEENTE nooi u hartlik uit na n spesiale Oujaarsdiens, Vrydagaand, 31 Des. 2010 om 19:00. Anita Lotz is ons spesiale gaskunstenaar vir die geleentheid en sal vir ons die boodskap in sang bring. CD verkope vanaf 17:00 tot en met 18:30. 'n Offergawe sal na die program opgeneem word.  Adres: Hastingslaan 102, Brakpan.   Kom ontvang oneindige seëninge uit die hand van God.


  1. DRINGEND:  Gesoek die Bybelverhaal op vilt om te koop, al is dit ook nie volledig. Kontak Ann 0832718827 of by die Transvaal Konferensie (011) 616-6800 .


  1. 14.       PRINSIPAAL BENODIG BY LAERSKOOL GOOD HOPE:  Kuilsrivier.  Indien u belangstel in hierdie pos, kan u Mev Glass kontak 041-581-0100 of stuur u cv na Faks: (021) 903-4873.  Sluitingsdatum vir indiening van aansoeke: 28 Oktober 2010.  Aanvangsdatum: 1 Januarie 2011.


  1. 15.       VERSOEK:  Iemand soek dringend vir  “Die Bybel Spreek” boek.  Indien u hierdie boek het en dit wil verkoop, kontak asseblief vir Pieter 082-574-1033.


  1. KOOK DEMONSTRASIES: Everest Detox 28 Nov – 5 Desember.  (Eggenoot halfprys).  Kontak Sanet 014-533-3564.


  1. OPROEP VIR HULP:  STUUR ‘N LYS TITELS VAN AFRIKAANSE GEES VAN PROFESIE BOEKE IN U BESIT:  Lr Kallis, die Gees van Profesie Direkteur by die Transvaal Konferensie,  doen ‘n beroep op almal wat bestaande Afrikaanse boeke deur EG White besit om ‘n lys van al  die boektitels wat hulle besit vir ons aan te stuur.  Dit is die doel van die Transvaal Konferensie om seker te maak dat alle boeke wat tevore beskikbaar was, weer eens beskikbaar te stel. Graag wil ons alle bestaande Afrikaanse boeke deur EG White laat skandeer, herdruk en beskikbaar stel aan die Afrikaanse gemeenskap.  Stuur asseblief alle Afrikaanse EG White boektitels en u naam en kontak besonderhede aan of skakel Heather (011) 856 4491.
  2. 18.        “AMAZING DISCOVERIES 2010”: Die 50 dae van ononderbroke gebed het begin.  (Op Sabbat is daar net 17 dae oor voor die evangelisasie reeks begin.)  Iewers in dié konferensie bid iemand vir hierdie evangelistiese gebeurtenis elke uur van elke dag.  Tyd loop vinnig uit!!  Ons benodig ook u opregte gebede. John Carter, evangelis, (ook te siene op 3ABN), gaan ‘n evangelisasie reeks aanbied vanaf 9 Nov tot 4 Des 2010 by die Mosaiek Teater, Daniellestraat (draai af by Davidson/14de Laan), Fairland, Johannesburg. Hierdie reeks gaan ook op Hopekanaal uitgesaai word na Suid-Afrika, Afrika, en Europa. Sluit aan by hierdie opwindende internasionale gebeurtenis.  Indien u meer inligting wil verkry oor hoe u deel van hierdie gebeurtenis kan word, kontak  Enslin 082-561-7061 /
  3. BAANBREKER “KAMPOREE” by Sedaven Kampgronde:  12 – 18 Desember 2010.  Voltooi en stuur asseblief die bygaande Vrywaring- en- Mediese Kwytskeldingsvorm sou gou moontlik aan Heather Faks: 011-856-4491 of e-pos


  1. BAANBREKERS  KAMPOREE MUSEUM: Besit u moontlik enige van hierdie verouderde items wat die TK Baanbrekers Departement graag sal wil leen vir die Baanbrekers Kamporee Museum wat vir Desember beplan word.
  • Ou wapens
  • Uniform items
  • Baanbreker hulpmiddels


  1. VAKANTE BETREKKING:  Graad 4 Onderwyser by Paterson Park Skool.  (Verwys na die bygaande inligtingsblaai.)  Stuur asseblief u CV na:, Tel/Faks: 011-640-4126 of pos aan:  The Prinsipaal, Paterson Park Skool, Tiendestraat 3, Orange Grove, 2192, Johannesburg.
  2. 22.       DATUMS OM TE ONTHOU:
  • 22 - 23 Oktober: Lr Hein von Hörsten sal D.V. spesiale diense by Rynfield waarneem
  • 22 – 23 Oktober 2010: Lr Alden Ho by Sedaven
  • 24 – 31 Oktober 2010:  Everest Detoks Sentrum. Kook Module.  Sanet: 014-533-3564
  • 31 Oktober: Transvaal Konferensie Sakevergadering by Sedaven
  • 9 Nov – 4 Desember:  John Carter Poging by Mosaiek Teater.
  • 28 Nov – 5 Des 2010:  Everest Detoks Sentrum. Kook Module.  Sanet: 014-533-3564
  • 12 – 18 Desember 2010: Baanbreker Kamporee
  • 31 Desember 2010: Anita Lotz by Brakpan gemeente vir Oujaarsaand.




1           INSTALLERING EN ONDERHOUD VAN SATELLIETSKOTTELS:  Kontakpersone:  Keith Brown, 082-840-3218,  Andre vd Schyff, 083-491-2129, Paul Hunter 082-417-7149,  Marchant Botha in Gautenggebied, 084-726-7209,    Michael Smit in die Vaal-driehoek en Gautenggebied  079-523-8300 en Ivor Cartmell op 083-460-6250. Fred Shaw, kontaknr 083-394-5745.


2           RIGLYNE OM ‘N GEMEENSKAP RADIOSTASIE TE BEGIN:  Lees asseblief die bygaande riglyne en bepeins hoe u moontlik kan uitreik na u gemeenskap.


3           DEKODEERDER-stel volledig vir 3ABN, Hope & Eden Life teen R600 per stel.  Moenie versuim nie, Stuur ‘n antwoord aan hierdie nommer 08200703328917 of borg ‘n stel of 2 of 3 – raak betrokke! Markus 16:15.  Kontak André by 082-551-8720 of e-pos


4                OU SDA LIEDEREBOEKE:  Daar is ‘n aantal gemeentes wat SDA liedereboeke benodig.  Indien u gemeente nou u musiek op ‘n groot skerm projekteer en nie meer nut het vir u liedereboeke nie, sal u behoeftige gemeentes uithelp deur u sangbundels aan hulle te skenk.  Kontak Trudi by die Konferensie 011-856-4463 of epos:


5           “HOPE”-kanaal:  Luister na hierdie nuwe Suid-Afrikaansvervaardigde jeugprogram “CONSIDER THIS” (Oorweeg dié) op Hope-kanaal elke Maandagaand om 07:30 vanaf 4 Oktober.  Met lewendige besprekingspunte en warm bebatte is hierdie program totaal glad nie voorgeskrewe nie – deur jeug aangebied vir die jeug. Hoe vêr is te vêr?  Wat is jou rol in sending? Hoe vind jy ‘n lewensmaat?  Hoe vind jy God? Ons doel is om jou te help om ‘n antwoord te kry vir die groot / klein vrae van die lewe.  Die program is Beslis nie vir OU mense NIE.  Maar moet dit asseblief nie vir jouself hou nie – al die hulpbronne is beskikbaar om die program as ‘n evangelistiese werktuig te gebruik om jou maters te bereik.  Kry ons op Facebook  of soek ons op: vir meer inligting.


6                ORTOPEDIESE TOERUSTING:  Dikwels word toerusting soos rolstoele, ‘moon boots’ (wat gebruik word ná ‘n voetoperasie), looprame, krukke, bedpanne, ens. benodig. U kan geholpe raak met óf nuwe óf tweede-handse toerusting by Rhona Jordaan, by 083-886-0130 of (w) (011) 660-6733. Sy is bereid om te help met die aflewering hiervan.


7           BYBELS BENODIG: Sou iemand graag Bybels wil skenk, of ‘n geldelike donasie wil maak sodat Bybels aangekoop kan word, kan u met Br Derick en Sr Marie Barnes wat aktief betrokke is by Gevangenisbediening in Vereeniging op Tel: (016) 363-1040 in verbinding tree. Heelwat gevangenes het al die Here a.g.v. hierdie bediening aangeneem.


8           DVD BEDIENING:  Uitstekende reekse Afrikaans DVDs beskikbaar:  “God se Liefde Geopenbaar in Jesus”  &  “Die Eden Model Herskrywe” sovel as “God se Finale Basuin” en “’n Elia Boodskap aan God se Elia Volk”.  Vele meer Afrikaanse DVDs deur verskeie SDA predikante.  Navrae 082-957-6961, 044-272-0272 of epos


9           GELEENTHEID OM ‘N WETENSKAPLIKE MEESTERSGRAAD IN ADMINISTRASIE TE VERWERF BY HELDERBERG DEUR ANDREWS UNIVERSITEIT – In Internasionale Ontwikkeling of Leierskap in die Organisasie.  (Vir drie weke per jaar, oor 2 tot 4 jaar - 1ste Sessie 3 - 24 November 2010).  Indien u belangstel kontak Helderberg Kollege vir verdere inligting of (021) 850-7547.


10        DIE VOLLEDIGE AFRIKAANSE BYBEL (OU VERTALING) kan vanaf u selfoon beskikbaar wees as u dit aflaai van Lr Ian Grobler se webwerf:, - soek onder “downloads”  vir die Bybel vertaling. Die “Java Ou Afrikaanse Bybel” kan heeltemal gratis afgelaai word en u kan dan andere seën deur bybelversies aan te stuur per sms.


11        “NEWSTART EKO-TUIN”: Maak so spoedig moontlik ‘n afspraak en leer hoe om u eie “Eko-Tuin” te verbou en hoe om na ander gemeenskappe uit te reik deur hierdie metodiek toe te pas.  Indien u meer inligting wil bekom, kontak Dolph Swanepoel 084-500-4874 of e-pos: of

12        VERSOEK: Het u tweedehandse BRUIKBARE speelgoed en kinderboeke waarin u kinders nie meer belangstel nie, of ontgroei het?  Dit kan aan Meals on Wheels se hoofkantoor op Sedaven geskenk word vir gebruik deur kleuterskole wat deur ons ondersteun word.  Kontak Marthie Botha [], Tel: 016-342-0308.  Goedere kan ook by die Transvaal Konferensie afgelaai word met die instruksie dat dit na die kleuterskole toe moet gaan.  Ons sal sorg dat die betrokke persone die items ontvang.


14        VRYWILLIGES BY MALUTI BENODIG:  ’n Baie interessante ondervinding wag op jou, as vrywilliger by Maluti!  Talle vrywilligers help by Maluti elke jaar.  Die hospitaal baat geweldig daarby en die vrywilliges geniet die tydjie terdeë en vind dit hoogs leersaam.  Waarom beplan julle  gemeente nie om ook ‘n groep vrywilliges te stuur vir diens en avontuur nie?  Moontlik sal daar selfs ‘n geleentheid opduik om die “ondergrondse rivier” te sien. Beplan nou al om vir twee weke of meer te kom.

VAARDIGHEDE BENODIG: Motorwerktuigkundige, Bouer, Rekeningkundige, Rekenaarkundige en/of promosiekundige. 

Medies: dokters, verpleegsters, Verpleeg-opvoedkundiges, radiografiste, laboratorium tegnikuste, fisioterapeute ens. 

Verblyf: Twee jeugtuiste geboue wat tot 40 persone kan huisves.

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