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1 January 2010

      Dear Friends,

      This is the first of 365 days of new challenges, hopes and goals as we
enter the spiritual arena of our Final Preparation for the return of the
King of Heaven.  What a privilege to be part of this era that God's people
through the ages prophesied about and looked forward to.

       As many of you probably know, on 5 October 2009 I had a bad fall, the
injuries being described by the surgeon as 'unusual', resembling more the
injuries incurred in a car accident.

      It was 6:30 am and our daughter had just made her way to her car to
leave for work, when I realized that we had not prayed with her for
protection on the treacherous dirt roads and the busy national roads.  I
rushed out to remind her, when I tripped over a couple of poles and in a
split second our lives changed forever.  I was flung high into the air in a
most unusual way and came crashing down onto the rough paving with such
force that I could feel and hear the flesh of my arm tear and the bones in
my hip crack.  My head landed a few centimeters away from the wall.  Walter
managed to get me into the back of the 4X4 and we travelled the agonizing
28km dirt road and another 27km tar road to the nearest hospital and from
there another 90km in the back of the car to the hospital where the surgery
would take place, all without a painkiller.

      To make a long story short, during the surgery the surgeon placed the
severed ball in the hip into formalin for analyses, (which later showed no
osteoporosis or other weakness), when he realized that the socket and parts
of the pelvis were also shattered.  It was too late to use my own bone for
bone grafts, so now the search was on for artificial bone.  After a lengthy
search bone was found and was immediately sent by courier, but there was a
police road blockade on the only road to the hospital.  The local police
eventually managed to get the courier vehicle through and delivered the bone
some 6 hours later.  That meant that I was on the operating table and under
anesthetic for 11 hours instead of the usual 3 hours.

      But that was not all.  I had lost too much blood and they had to send
for four units of blood.  Just before the sister hooked up the second unit
she noticed with a startle that this one bag of blood was the wrong type.
Three times the Adversary tried to end my life and three times the Lord
saved it.  Why did He not let me die? Could it be that Jesus still had some
unfinished business with me?

      Due to the nature of the injury, I was not allowed to place any weight
on the leg for 3 months, in order to allow my own bone to grow into the
artificial bone.  Total healing will probably take about a year.  Just a few
months previous to the accident we had bought a small caravan to travel with
and do the Lord's work from one place to the next.  What a disappointment
for both of us!  Now I was confined to my bed, wheel chair and crutches and
Walter had to care for me, do the cooking and housekeeping, work on the farm
and still keep his evangelistic appointments.  This was the most grueling
time of our lives, and yet God used the time to rearrange our minds, to help
us see new perspectives and walk with a more determined step on the road
that He has set before us.

      We both underwent a period of introspection, and as Paul said, we both
realized how miserably we 'fall short of the glory of God' and how unworthy
and unprepared we are to meet our Saviour.  Like Moses in Egypt or Peter
drawing his sword for his Master in Jerusalem, Walter had fought against the
powers and principalities to uphold the truth, but often he felt he was
getting no-where and his strength was failing more and more.  The opposition
to the message was getting stronger and many times he wanted to run like
Elijah from Jezebel and lie under a juniper tree, ready to die.  But he
continued his journey to Horeb, to the place where God revealed His Law and
his character and it is here that he hears God speak in a 'still small voice
'.  Now he realizes the battle is not his, but the Lord's.  Now he is ready
to lay down his sword and take up a staff for tending the flocks in the
wilderness as did Moses.

      "Moses was naturally of an impetuous spirit. In Egypt a successful
military leader and a favorite with the king and the nation, he had been
accustomed to receiving praise and flattery. He had attracted the people to
himself. He hoped to accomplish by his own powers the work of delivering
Israel. Far different were the lessons he had to learn as God's
representative. As he led his flocks through the wilds of the mountains and
into the green pastures of the valleys, he learned faith and meekness,
patience, humility, and self-forgetfulness. He learned to care for the weak,
to nurse the sick, to seek after the straying, to bear with the unruly, to
tend the lambs, and to nurture the old and the feeble.

      In this work Moses was drawn nearer to the Chief Shepherd. He became
closely united to the Holy One of Israel. No longer did he plan to do a
great work. He sought to do faithfully as unto God the work committed to his
charge." {HDL 14.1}

      If we are too busy, even with the Lord's work, to listen to the
prompting voice of God in times of ease and prosperity, we will be brought
through times of trouble and hardship to learn the lessons the hard way.

      With renewed vigour, Walter now started a new series, quite different
from his previous ones and, God willing, we hope to record it by July 2010.
He has titled this series 'Total Transformation' - a walk through the types
and experiences of ancient Israel as a lamp unto the feet of modern
spiritual Israel, a guideline for our Final Preparation just before entering
the heavenly Canaan.

      I too have set my priorities straight and have probably read and
studied more in the last 3 months than in the past 5 years with all the farm
duties previously taking preeminence.   A much-needed transformation from
Martha to Mary had taken place.

      "Our only safeguard against the wiles of Satan is to diligently study
the Scriptures; to have an intelligent understanding of the reasons of our
faith; and to faithfully perform every known duty. The indulgence of one
known sin will cause weakness and darkness, and subject us to fierce
temptation." {HS 154.6}

      Why am I sending you all this?  Well, we have received so many
enquiries from all over the world about what is happening in the world, in
our church and in Walter Veith's ministry, that we decided to send out a
short monthly newsletter to keep you updated, and also to post some thoughts
and interesting Bible studies.  There has been much speculation and
misinformation concerning Walter and his lectures and we hope to iron out
some of the problems this way.

      Please pray for us this year, for as we near the end of time there are
sure to be obstacles and challenges more stout than those of the past, but,
as a good friend says, "Trials seen as educators will produce joy."  And
this is what we wish you all and ourselves for the new year - a joy in
Christ that the world does not know, and a steadfastness to stand, whatever

      "Men and women are wanted now who are as true to duty as the needle to
the pole, men and women who will work without having their way smoothed and
every obstacle removed." {CEv 57.1}

      Your sister in Christ

      Sonica Veith

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